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Loan and Credit with the Guide to Lending to Loan and Credit was started in 2010 to create a platform for people to grab their own finances and not put everything in the hands of the bank and comparison services.

Our main focus is mainly on trying to get Sweden to know that you can lend to Loan and Crediten when buying a home. In Sweden, we have a mortgage ceiling of 85% regardless of which bank you choose.

With rising housing prices

With rising housing prices

It has become increasingly difficult to enter the housing market. That is why we want to inform Sweden that you can lend to Loan and Crediten with a private loan (also called a blank loan). Since then, Loan and Credit has grown and today includes information on all types of loans and is today a blog about finance and especially loans.

We try to have the widest comparison of all by listing all banks, lenders, loan intermediaries and comparison services where our visitors take their finances in their own hands and see for themselves which loan is best for them.

Loan and Credit story

Loan and Credit story

Since 2010, Loan and Credit has listed options for those who want to lend money to your Loan and Credit and thus have the opportunity to enter the housing market. Since then we have expanded the site to today 6 years later through a very wide guide in personal finance that aims to guide you through everything that has to do with money and especially loans.

Of course, we at Loan and Credit have the ambition that everything on the site should be correct. Of course, in cases where the information is in some way incorrect, we regret this but we cannot be held responsible for incorrect information and thus write off all responsibility. In other words, you as a visitor to Loan and Credit are responsible for looking up so the information is correct.

Loan and Credit only works as a site where you can find links to lenders and banks that can give you advice on your loans and your finances and most importantly about your Loan and Credit for an upcoming purchase. All text on this page is for general information only and should not be considered as legal advice or use as such. The material may not be exhaustive or fully updated. All use of the information is at the visitor’s own risk.


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