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The loans you borrow are an integral part of your personal finances. And merging credits into one can be a central way of organizing (and saving) money. All of us throughout our lives have taken out various types of loans. If we buy a house, we usually ask for a mortgage. If we buy a car, it is common to apply for car credit. And not infrequently, credit card or personal credit card is incurred for situations as diverse as going on vacation, buying home furniture or paying for a course. Credit itself is not bad and can help you get financing when money is not immediately available. However, the accumulation of various credits can lead to excessive debt and a bundle of benefits that become unbearable. Putting credits together can only be the solution to these cases. Here are 5 ways consolidated credit can save your personal finances:

1. Merge credits into one = lowest monthly installment

Imagine the case of a couple who started by wanting to buy a new car. For this purpose, they took out a car loan. Shortly thereafter, they decided to go on vacation and incur credit card debt for that purpose. In addition, they bought a credit card to buy some items for the house. At the end of the day, they found themselves paying for an unbearable installment. To circumvent this situation, they were informed about the possibility of collecting credits in one. By using a payday loan consolidation, can extend the term of the loan and even possibly pay the lower interest rate. It should be noted that at the end of the loan you will be able to pay the higher Total Amount (total cost of credit), but at the end of the day, you will pay a considerably lower monthly installment. The reduction in the monthly installment of credits can reach 60%.

2. Organize Your Personal Finances When Applying for a Consolidated Credit

Having multiple benefits spread over several days of the month can be a real headache in managing personal finances. Has auto credit “falling” in the early days of the month, credit card repayments in the middle, and personal credit almost over? Putting credits together is one way to organize personal finances. If you can consolidate all these credits, you will only pay one installment on a fixed day. And, you know, a good organization is halfway to good savings.

3. Putting credits together is a quick and simple process.

The process of consolidated credit tends to be fast. Within a few days you can, if approved, have access to finance. In the “worst-case” the process can take a few weeks. But first, choose which consolidated credit best suits your needs: Choose consolidated credit.

4. Make a consolidated credit and save on commissions

Bureaucratic costs are another factor you can cut when consolidating loans. Since you are paying several commissions for keeping several separate accounts with the banks where you applied for credit, you can also pay less money here. How does this happen? It’s easy. By eliminating other loans, there are costs (such as overdraft fees) that also disappear.

5. Consolidating Credit May Even Improve Your Credit History

The accumulation of various debts and, at worst, defaulting, is a “black spot” in their credit history. Consolidated credit preventing this is, therefore, a wise decision to avoid future problems. So yes, merging credits into one can make you miss the opportunity to apply for credits in the future. How? By default on your credits, you get a cleaner record. This is a form that, in the future, the institution to which you will apply for credit will have access. So you know: If you see that debts are accumulating, do not hesitate and make a consolidated credit. Your personal finances thank you.